Estonian background in the area with cases

  • a. e-signatures - Estonia has a practice of 10 years with about 100 million e-signatures, also taken part in e-Codex, Epsos and Stork. The BDOC format (Baltic Doc) is a joint project with Lithuania as finding a common digital signature document format;
  • b. e-ID - Estonia has a practice of 10 years with about 90% citizens owning strong e-ID and over 150 million e-authenications with it, also taken part in Stork and having EUGO point of contact portal fully implemented it (https://www.eesti.ee/portaal/portaal.sisene?level=25&loc=portaal.index below there is foreign citizen login);
  • c. attribute and role management - Estonia is also part in Stork 2.0;
  • d. mobile e-ID - over 30 000 m-ID users with all major Estonian mobile operators support, this system is also working in roaming abroad;
  • e. circles of trust - Estonian interoperability framework is the only member state framework that is fully aligned with European interoperability framework (https://joinup.ec.europa.eu/elibrary/factsheet/national-interoperability-framework-observatory-nifo-factsheets ). Our secure data layer X-road uses different security profiles and trust tokens to mediate services between public institutions and registries;
  • f. usage of TSL - Estonia has developed (as part of Baltic Sea Region Flagship project) a technical solution that incorporates European TSL system with member state evaluation data to authenticate users (also with authorisation from European Business Registry) and verify different signatures European-wide (https://joinup.ec.europa.eu/software/cbds/description ).

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